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The Demo Pod

The Demo Pod is a brand new and exciting Music and Multimedia project available to youth organisations and schools across Surrey !! The Demo Pod aims to engage Young People through a variety of digital based activities and programmes on board our van that is equipped with brand new AppleMacs and state of the art multimedia software.

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The Demo Pod is an opportunity for Young People to participate in a new and exciting experience. They can learn how to produce, record and edit their own songs, short films and even try their hand at digital animation. Music Production Using Logic Express, Young People will be guided through the process of digital music production. They will have the opportunity to create an instrumental track in the style of their choice, record vocals, edit their track and produce a CD of their creation. _ _ _ Film Production Working in small groups, Young People will be given the opportunity to experience the filming and editing of a short movie using iMovies. Films can be made around a subject/theme of the Young Peoples choice. At the end of the session, Young People will receive a copy of a DVD containing their work and a certificate rewarding their achievement. (best done over a minimum of 4 sessions) _ _ _ Comic Book Creation/Photography Using High quality Digital Cameras young people are able to produce short Comic Books using ComicLife software. They will be able to add speech bubbles, storylines and edit graphics around a theme of their choice.