Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue Base

Provide our 60 plus volunteer rescuers facilities that are fit for purpose for the 21st century to allow us to continue to train and provide a highly professional mountain rescue service across Mid, South and West Wales.

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The current rescue base was built in 1980 when we had approxiamately 10 calls a year. The team is now responding to numbers between 70 - 80 calls a year. In 1996 we built an extension out to the maximum side for the site, and even with this extension the base can no longer continue to support the requirements for the team. In certain meetings and training sessions team members have to stand due to the lack of room. No part of the rescue base is large enough to perform debriefs and therefore these are done outside which in certain weather conditions is not the correct environment. The replacement project would cater for the needs of our 60 plus volunteers, responding to an ever increasing work load and will serve us for the future.