Dr Kershaw's Hospice

Oxygen Concentrators for the Hospice

We require two portable oxygen concentrators for the Hospice for use by both ward and day hospice patients. They maximise comfort for the patient by relieving the symptoms of breathlessness. Being portable they are easier to move around so the patient does not need to be bed bound to one place.

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Standard oxygen concentrators need oxygen pumping in to one place, the use of these has huge safety implications and also the need to store cylinders and have them delivered is not an efficient way of working. To the patient themselves it means they are not bound to a bed or one area of the hospice and are more comfortable an feel less restricted. The oxygen concentrators assist breathing making them instantly more comfortable when breathlessness starts which is obviously distressing for the


Being able to purchase these concentrators will solve a patient comfort issue, be less restrictive for themselves, visitors and staff and also eliminates a health and safety issue on the ward and also the day hospice.