Dr Kershaw's Hospice

Dr Kershaws Hospice (Oldham)

Dr Kershaw's Hospice's running costs are a staggering £4600 a day, the lions share of this money comes from fundraising events, donations and fanastic work of our loyal hard working volunteers. Our project is simply this, to raise valuable unrestricted funds that can be utilised towards core costs.

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We are wishing to reduce some of the strain on core fundraising as the Hospice costs £4600 a day to run, our services are offered to any of the 230,000 residents of Oldham and its surrounding districts. Competition for grants is fierce in todays climate and all charities face cuts within their statutory funding received, we would never wish for this to affect the quality of the care offered here or the number of people we can help each year.


Unrestricted core funding coming in through fabulous projects such as the Big Give mean we can maximise on support already being offered to the Hospice from the community and also from friends and families of those we help each year. Drawing on the people involved in this project to build lasting relationships would give us more sustainability and raise awareness of our work in general.