North Humberside Hospice Project Limited

Travelling Palliative Day Care

To provide long term day care for people with life limiting illnesses and their families in local facilities that are accessible and familiar.

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A small team of carers and therapists would provide day care in a number of settings in the community. In order to ensure a service was available in the more isolated communities in the area, the team would negotiate with existing community services ie village halls, community centres, residential homes to be able to provide day care in familiar local environments to local people. So each day, day care would be available in a different community. The emphasis would be on the provision of social and respite care to palliative care patients and their families. The day care team would be supervised by the hospice’s therapy services manager and liason with palliative care clinicians in the community would ensure patients’ needs were met and referral to specialist services always open. The team would be made up of trained and experienced staff and volunteers rather than highly qualified specialist clinicians. The aim would be to provide a warm, friendly and supportive service in an environment that would provide a context for relationships to develop and companionship to be enjoyed. There is every chance that such a provision would improve the quality of lives of many people with life limiting illnesses and their families; providing a welcome break and a chance to meet with friends. Because of the nature of the service, costs would be relatively low and an emphasis would be placed on the importance of the contribution volunteers could make to such a project.