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It’s time to care… At Pilgrims Hospices the difference we make to people who have illnesses that cannot be cured is the time we have to spend with them. We care for over 177 people in the Canterbury area every year in the community. We have a team of 9 community specialist palliative care nurses who care for people living at home in our local communities. A community nurse will visit on average 17 patients per week supporting patients and their families in a number of ways including advising them on what medications will help to control their symptoms, referring them to services within the Hospice that will help them live more comfortably with their disease and liaising with other professionals involved in patients care to make sure that patients get the best possible support from a truly multidisciplinary professional team which extends beyond our hospice buildings. A hospice community nurse for example may refer a patients’ carer onto one of our ‘Caring with Confidence’ programmes aimed at providing carers with the knowledge and support to help when they are caring at home but also to help carers look after themselves in their important caring role . Our community nurses also hold outpatient clinics and a number of patients come to the hospice to see a nurse. A Pilgrims Hospice community nurse will take the time to listen to patients and their carers and help them wherever they can. A Pilgrims Hospice community specialist palliative care nurse will cost the charity £43,632 for the year, £3636 per month, £839 per week, £22 per hour or 37p a minute. An average visit or appointment could take up to an hour and a half if meeting the nurse for the first time or half an hour to one hour for further appointments.