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To install Digital and 3D projection at our flagship MediCinema at St Thomas’ Hospital, London and in our MediCinema at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow. Help us bring the magic of digital and 3D cinema to our patients, young and old, including those in beds and wheelchairs who attend our MediCinemas in London and in Glasgow.

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MediCinema’s mission is to install state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals around the UK and screen a regular programme of the latest box office releases to patients, including those in beds and wheelchairs. Our goals include adding digital and 3D projection facilities to our existing MediCinemas at St Thomas’ Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow so that we may bring the latest in technology and film to our audience. Essential Equipment Costs: Digital Projector including 3D (replacing our older 35 mm projector and lowering operating costs) Cost of new screen £10,000 Cost of Digital Projector £60,000 Cost of 3D Projection facilities £25,000 Total cost: £95,000