MediCinema at the South Gwent Children’s Centre

The next MediCinema installation will be at the South Gwent Children’s Centre in Wales Bring the magic of cinema to the young patients with disabilities who are in need of all the facilities that will be built into the South Gwent Children’s Centre

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We are now fundraising for our next MediCinema installation in Wales. This MediCinema is unique as it will allow children with disabilities to access and go to a cinema in an environment that can accommodate them and bring them some normality and entertainment. This MediCinema will have spaces for 18 wheelchairs due to the number of children who are confined to their wheelchairs. The Centre will house a range of facilities and services, under one roof for children from South Wales with disabilities – children with Asperger’s syndrome, spinal impairment, Cystic fibrosis, Down’s syndrome and those who are mentally impaired. MediCinema at the South Gwent Children’s Centre will be the latest state of the art cinema with digital and 3D projection and Surround Sound. Shopping List for Newport £300,000 needed to be raised for capital costs as follows: £65,000 for the Digital Projector £20,000 for the 3D System £20,000 for Acoustic Cinema Display Panels £18,000 for the tiered Cinema Seating for 62 £15,000 for the Cinema Lighting £12,000 for the Blackout Curtaining, Drapes and Screen Curtains £10,000 for the Surround Sound System £10,000 for the Big Screen and Masking £7,000 for the Carpets + £25,000 for the Installation Works + £27,000 Professional Fees + VAT Plus £30,000 for the first two years’ operating costs as follows: £10,000 for the annual cost of a Cinema Manager £5,000 for the annual cost of a Projectionist at each screening