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Bring the magic that is cinema to patients, young and old, including those in beds and wheelchairs, by Sponsoring a Screening in any of our up and running MediCinemas

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MediCinema screens current releases twice weekly in each of our operating cinemas around the UK. The cost of Sponsoring a Screening is just £250 and you can choose which screening to sponsor at any of our currently up and running MediCinemas: By Sponsoring a Screening/s you will help fund the cost of providing projectionists, nursing staff and for our Cinema Manager to be on duty throughout the MediCinema Screening. Sponsor a Screening at: MediCinema @ St Thomas’ Hospital London MediCinema @ The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow MediCinema @ The Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle In return for your sponsorship, you or your organisation will be acknowledged verbally and on the screen on the night.