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Let's Play Again

To support The Haven Wolverhampton's Children's Service in delivering therapeutic play to enable vunerable children to come to terms with domestic violence,

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It ran from 9:25 AM, 2 February 2011 to 9:25 AM, 2 February 2011

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It is estimated that in 90% of incidents children are in the same or next room when domestic violence takes place. This exposure to violence at a young age can lead to both immediate and longer term emotional and psychological difficulties. This can include problems with eating and sleeping, anxiety, self harming, self blame, low confidence and low self esteem. Research has also shown that children affected by domestic violence are more vunerable to entering future abusive relationships believing violence to be 'normal'. In short domestic violence can wipe out a child's confidence leaving them shocked and vunerable to further abuse. Children come to The Haven in a crisis state, under conditions of extreme stress and confusion. They often only have the clothes they are wearing and have left behind family, friends, toys, pets and belongings. Their whole world has been torn apart. The Haven accomodates approximately 250 children every year. Children who have experienced considerable change in their lives or who have survived traumatic events need to express, understand and overcome negative emotions; they also need to have fun and learn how to be children again. Through daily sessions our children's workers use therapeutic play to give children the opportunity to express their feelings naturally, and safely, thus enabling the healing process to begin. Techniques include using planned, monitored and evaluated art, collage, poetry, music, story writing and games. The Children's Service also delivers workshops on anti violence education, healthy relationships, body image and bullying to help children understand that violence is wrong and to prevent any 'cycle of abuse'. Due to domestic violence mothers also need specialist support themselves and require additional support with helping their child/ren overcome negative behaviour and thought. Play therapy enables mothers to participate in sessions which will strengthen mother/child bonding and will help to rebuild the family unit. This specialist domestic violence project is unique; there is no known similar service in the City. As there is no statutory provision we are always seeking new funding avenues and support for this critical project.