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Moving On From Abuse: Resettlement Programme

To develop ‘starter packs’ for women and children leaving the hostel environment and building new homes and lives in the community. Starter packs will include basic but essential items e.g. toasters, iron, kettle. to ease the transition process and help women focus on rebuidling their lives.

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Women come to us in a crisis state with few belongings. Our Resettlement Officer provides practical support to help women find new and safe homes. However absence of basic home essentials e.g. kettle, iron, microwave, can pose major problems. The majority of women are facing debt caused by abusive partners and can not afford these items.The immediate period after leaving the hostel is a critical time; women with children often choose to return to violent partners rather than living in poverty.


A grant will help provide 'starter packs' including: toaster, kettle, iron, ironing board, inflatable bed/duvet etc to ease the transition process. The real difference this grant would make is putting an end to a cycle of abuse, relieving stress by providing practical support at a time when women can concentrate on rebuilding their lives, finding employment and making a house a home. Contents on average will total £200, items will remain flexible to meet individual need.