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Developing Transferable Skills for Homeless Women Affected by Domestic Violence

To deliver training to homeless women affected by domestic violence to improve neccessary life long learning skills and engagement in learning.

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Domestic violence kills at least two women in the UK every week. It isn’t just about hitting, or fighting, or an occasional mean argument. It is a chronic abuse of power. The abuser tortures and controls the victim by calculated threats, intimidation, and physical violence. The effects of domestic violence on our society are enormous - our entire nation suffers. You can see the effects at bus stations, fast-food restaurants, and schools. You can see it on television, in the office and in prisons. You can see it in people's faces on the street - hopelessness, pessimism, hard-headedness, meanness. The Haven Wolverhampton delivers accredited Open College Network (OCN) training on domestic violence awareness to external agencies such as police, NHS, universities and voluntary sector organisations to improve their knowledge and response to incidents. Content includes: domestic violence and the workplace, diversity and sexual exploitation, criminal justice system, good working practices, myths and stereotypes and cultural and equality issues. We have delivered accredited training since 2004 and hundreds of organisations receiving support. We are seeking funding to secure the costs of developing and delivering a new internal training course to our residents which will improve necessary life skills and engagement in learning. This course could then lead to accredited programmes such as the Freedom Programme or Taking Control of Your Life. The proposed course: ‘Developing Transferable Skills for Life, Leisure and Employment’ includes: • Developing career plans and exploring routes into work • Numeracy Improvement including budgeting skills and plans • Literacy Improvement focussing on ‘everyday activities’ • Writing CV’s and Job Application Forms • Interview Skills including confidence building The project will help women identify skills gaps and learn new skills to improve employability and life chances, as well as enhancing self esteem, confidence and the ability to move on from domestic abuse. The programme will help women understand that the violence was not their fault and to believe that they can achieve educational and employment goals and ambitions through progressive steps. Through experience supported by research we are aware that women affected by domestic violence often feel to blame for violence which is connected with feelings of low confidence and self worth. Need for the project has been identified through direct requests from residents during consultation on individual support planning and also through monthly hostel meetings. The overwhelming feeling is that women could do more for their future and the future of their children whilst at the hostel. The time that they are at The Haven can be spent learning and training so when they move back into the community they have increased opportunities when looking for work and rebuilding their lives. Each session will have a clearly identified aim/goal; however each learner will have their own individual goals and aims dependent on their individual client plan and needs. Client plans are established between staff and resident on entry to the hostel which acts as a starting point to track progress or ‘journey made’. Challenging objectives will be set for each session and with support and communication between tutor and learner these can be revised to meet individual aim. The purpose is to encourage, challenge and empower women to create better futures for themselves. The project will impact positively on the lives of women and their children who have been affected by domestic violence and homelessness. We anticipate a minimum of 9 women and 20 children to benefit from the first run of the course. Some of these beneficiaries are women who are experiencing ill mental health including problems with self harm, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. A large proportion of women and children are also from black, minority and ethnic communities. The project will be delivered at The Haven’s ICT suite and across our 5 hostels. It is important to emphasise that women and children come to us in a severe crisis state; they have had their lives turned torn apart. Their levels of self confidence and esteem are at an all time low. Typically in domestic violence situations women have little control over their lives, they may have not been allowed to work or manage financial affairs. For many women at The Haven they are facing uncertain futures, through this course we will be able to help them plan for a better future for both themselves and their children.