Syria Crisis: Skills for Local Aid Workers

We train lifesavers. 10.8m Syrians urgently need aid: that number rises daily. But most aid workers who are allowed into Syria lack experience and skills. In response, we will open a training hub, giving lifesavers the skills they need to save lives and helping them to stay safe while they do.

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It ran from 1:38 PM, 15 June 2016 to 1:38 PM, 15 June 2016

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After three years of conflict, more than 10.8m Syrians - of a population of 22.4m - are in urgent need of aid. Almost 4m people have fled to other states, while almost 7m remain in Syria. But only Lebanese aid workers can enter Syria, so the only people able to respond to this massive challenge are dedicated yet inexperienced, committed but untrained in aid delivery. And these workers - like everyone in Syria - face life-threatening dangers every day: their lives are at constant risk.


RedR trains lifesavers. With more than two decades' experience training aid workers in skills and safety, we are ideally-suited to give people responding to the Syrian crisis the new skills they need to save lives - and stay safe in an ongoing war zone. We are already training local aid workers providing aid in Syria. But much more must be done. We are raising money to open a training centre in the region, enabling us to train many more people - meeting the urgent needs of a war-torn state.