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Building for the Future

It began over sixty years ago, the Brathay Hall Trust requires a major injection of capital to enable it to go on inspiring young people for another sixty years. The estate is our workshop; it lies at the heart of our ambition to reach out to even greater numbers of young people.

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Our plans will: * preserve the natural beauty and architectural heritage of the estate * increase our youth capacity by 40% * meet modern expectations for comfort and sustainability * enable us to expand our work with young people and sustain our contribution to diversification in Cumbria * By achieving these goals we will ensure a long-term future for this wonderful and inspirational place. To enable more young people to benefit from Brathay’s work, we urgently need to secure more funds. Some of our facilities have become outmoded and lag behind the changing needs and expectations of our clients. For example, communal showers are not acceptable to certain youth populations, and dormitory accommodation is no longer acceptable to adult groups. Similarly, having seen over 200,000 participants through their doors, many of our buildings require a major refit; failure to invest in a timely manner will lead to a progressive reduction in the number of young people whose lives we can enrich. We have devised a rolling programme to modernise bedrooms, upgrade catering facilities and expand our creative workshops. The full cost of realising our ambitions aggregates to £10m; but when Building for the Future is complete in 2011, we anticipate working with 13,000 young people a year compared with 5,400 in 2004. By supporting this Campaign, you will be helping us to provide life-changing opportunities for future generations of young people; enabling them to explore their potential in a unique way. Ultimately, this is an investment in the future of our society, whose health, happiness and prosperity depend on young people being able to find and to harness the power within them. Beyond this, your gift will help to preserve the environmental and architectural heritage of this wonderful estate, and to secure the Trust’s vital contribution to the rural economy. There has never been a greater demand for our services - we need to expand our work, to take more young people and to safeguard the existing work we do.