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The BBC Your Game All Stars programme matches individuals working with 16-25 year-olds to training and employment opportunities. It does this through community festivals and year round support. Eight young people from across the UK have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to their local communities through sport and will now receive a year of support and mentoring from BBC Your Game.

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Need Brathay’s London Regional Development Manager has been working closely with the eight young people selected to be this year’s BBC All Stars by drawing up their personal development plans. This proved to be very successful and BBC Your Game requested Brathay to continue mentoring the All Stars throughout next year to support them in achieving their goals. It has become clear during our sessions with the young people that they would greatly benefit from development of their leadership skills, confidence and support in developing their own projects. The young people who have been chosen as this year’s All Stars have been playing a pivotal role in creating their own volunteering community youth led projects and need further support to enhance their skills in the delivery of these. In conjunction with Brathay’s mentoring, a leadership training programme will achieve this enabling the young people to become more effective leaders in their communities and enhance their identity and roles as BBC All Stars. How The BBC All Stars Programme is a year long personal development course in which we hope to additionally include our leadership expertise in a residential setting. The residential will specifically concentrate on community leadership. We will work with the young people to develop an understanding of a mentoring role and build confidence within their roles as community leaders. Additionally we will show them how to design, fund and manage community projects. This programme will see us bring together a diverse group of young people from across the UK with the support of the BBC. Beneficiaries This year’s Your Game All Stars are a diverse racially mixed group of young people, aged between 17 and 23: Aaron Cardozo from Swindon, Louise Irvine from Belfast, Lee Park from Bournemouth, Adil Naseem from Glasgow, Chloe Tolman from the Wirral, Damian Tominey from Grimsby, Darren Viney from Liverpool and Liam Willis from Hull.