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Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling Service

Partnering with national debt counselling charity, Christians Against Poverty, 58i operates a CAP centre in the heart of Nottingham. The centre provides support and advice to families and individuals facing debt. The free service helps people set a realistic budget, prioritise bills and liaise with creditors to set up repayment plans. A special account is set up for clients to pay into, which is used to provide money to priority creditors. For those with acute debts, the CAP centre also helps people through processes such as insolvency and bankruptcy.

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With personal debt and house repossessions rising rapidly, CAP provides a desperately needed service. Our CAP worker, supported by a team of volunteers, helped 35 households last year alone, with 3 having become completely debt free already. 1 debt free client is now volunteering with CAP herself to help others tackle the burden of debt. The free, professional, personal and relational service is making a phenomenal difference in the lives of families and individuals all over Nottingham. Gifts will help cover the running costs of our CAP office, such as volunteer expenses, publicity and central admin. Caroline is just one of the many people helped by CAP, here's her story... ‘At the beginning of 2007, my debts continued to pile up. I dreaded the postman or phone calls because so often it meant the latest demand for money. Because of a lack of money, I often left myself short of food. Eventually I plucked up enough courage to call the CAP Centre in Nottingham. Before I'd felt so stupid and alone for getting into so much debt, but when I started talking to the CAP worker and volunteer it felt as if a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They went through all my income, outgoings and debts. They helped me set a realistic budget and helped me understand that going bankrupt was my best option. Their help has meant I'm completely debt free and I have now set a realistic budget meaning that there's enough money for all my essentials. I am so grateful for CAP and its staff and volunteers!'