Bradford Environmental Action Trust

Forest of Bradford

To increase the level of woodland / tree cover in Bradford District by 1,000,000 trees whilst offering volunteering opportunities to people who live and work in the district.

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The Forest of Bradford was established to address the low level of woodland cover in the district (4.2% compared to 11% for the UK ). Forest of Bradford is a fantastic project which boasts support from an army of volunteers and dedicated staff and also has huge support within the community. We aim to plant 370 hectares of new native woodland on private and publically owned land. The trees will provide a number of environmental benefits including; address the effects of flash flooding especially in the Aire Valley, contribute to the district biodiversity action plan targets for woodlands, help improve our local neighbourhoods attracting investment to the area and provide health benefits in terms of cleaner air, as well as being a tool for community cohesion. We require 80K/ annum to fund three staff, office overheads, project vehicle and volunteer minibus hire. We also require 20K / annum to fund the planting of 30,000 trees each winter