Down's Syndrome Association

Resources Development and Accessibility

The core mission of the project is to provide up to date, accurate information about all aspects of living successfully with Down’s syndrome. We are seeking support to create, update and develop a central hub directory of information and essential resources to support people with Down’s syndrome.

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The current site for resources desperately needs reviewing to ensure all the information is up to date and accurate, as well as easily accessible. Presently, there is no directory for information and resources which makes navigation and accessibility difficult. An injection of images and pictures is required to encourage a more ‘user friendly experience’. The current interface is densely populated with text, and most people with Down’s syndrome are proven to respond best to ‘visual sign posts’.


The project would enable the DSA to contract a Content Assessor (CA) to review the current resources and develop a strategy for categorising the resources effectively to improve accessibility. The CA will create a directory page and include visuals to make it more user-friendly. The Information Team will review and develop any resources that require updating. The project will successfully create a comprehensive, user-friendly and widely accessible central hub of information.