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video helps the children talk

To install video equipment in classrooms which will enable us to record secure footage and provide real time motion images and quality audio of our early intervention education programmes. To disseminate footage to parents, carers and professionals in support of speech and language development

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When a child is born deaf, most parents are unable to understand how best to support their childs early education and welfare needs, and how to use hearing aid equipment. Many parents believe that their child will never learn to listen and talk. As a result there is much reduced communication between parent and child, stress is increased and the child becomes isolated from society. Parents need practical support to develop speech and language and to use 21st century resources available to them


We will use real time footage from within our Early Intervention Unit and pre school classroom to provide motion video images and high quality audio which will allow participants to see and hear how oral education methods are used to progress every deaf child to age appropriate speech and language. Using innovative technology participants will see for themselves how our specialist Teachers of the Deaf interact and develop every aspect of a deaf childs learning.