Nene Valley Railway

Alan Boswell Group Pump Trolley Challenge

Alan Boswell Insurance Advisers Ltd. in Peterborough are undertaking a fundraising challenge for local charity Nene Valley Railway.The team are participating in a 2.5 mile endurance race on a traditional pump trolley.They will then defend their title against other businesses.

history Campaign has now closed

It ran from 4:10 PM, 24 November 2009 to 3:17 PM, 4 July 2016

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Nene Valley Railway promotes the use of restored carriages and historic engines. To keep the trains in their full glory and of use to the public, schools and businesses we need to provide a high standard of service, events and catering. For example we are hoping to upgrade on-train catering by refurbishing the Wagon-Lits style buffet car, fixing a generator to it, and using it for corporate clients and evening dining trains.


Sponsorship will enable us to keep running and maintaining the trains, provide a better service and be able to give customers and clients a better understanding of the days of steam. It will also help educate future generations about the industrial revolution and evacuation during the war. Looking after the carriages and engines is a skilled job that is being lost with each passing generation.