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ARV treatment for Children living with HIV/AIDS

In 2005 WMF launched a paediatric HIV/AIDS programme in the rural district of Nkhotakota. The program treats opportunistic infections, provides the lifesaving antiretroviral therapy (ART) and psychosocial support to children living with AIDS.

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It ran from 10:36 AM, 1 August 2010 to 9:02 PM, 4 June 2014

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Malawi has one of the highest rates of HIV/ADS infection in the world and a large number of those infected are children. Without treatment, infants infected with the AIDS virus will simply die before reaching their 2nd birthday. The government hospitals and health centres have a severe shortage of staff and often lack medicines to treat basic ailments. In 2005 World Medical Fund started providing antiretroviral therapy to children living with AIDS. We currently provide ARVs to 171 children.


There is no cure for HIV/AIDS but giving those children access to antiretrovirals can help them combat the virus and enable them to live longer and healthier lives.At World Medical Fund's Thandizo Centre we do not just provide the potent medicines but we also provide a safe haven where children can meet and interact with their peers. We also offer counselling and to their families and carers and deliver vital public health education to their communities.