Refurbishment of a House for a Profoundly Disabled Adults

The refurbishment of a House in the Scarborough area dedicated to the care, support and rehabilitation of learning-disabled adults with profound disabilities.

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Through the Chrysalis Holiday Programme, the Epiphany Trust, a registered charity, provides rarely available holidays for learning-disabled adults. The Holiday Programme is pretty rare in that it provides subsidies for learning-disabled adults of limited means. The Programme was set up in 1995 to address the need for subsidised rehabilitative, educational and social opportunities for learning-disabled adults. The level of care provided within the Programme is second-to-none. Up to the present time, the Trust has provided special-care holidays for profoundly learning-disabled adults, as an integral part of the Programme. However, we are now seeking to establish a bespoke facility for participants with this level of disability to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from the Programme. We have now started to refurbish a former convent in Scarborough and to complete an £80,000 refurbishment and disability equipment fit out need a further £30000. This includes materials, labour, internal fixtures and fittings. (A full project budget can be provided on request).