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School kids - Grow your own lunch!

Studying on an empty stomach isn’t much fun. In Madagascar many children walk several kilometres to school on an empty stomach. By the end of the morning they are struggling to concentrate on their schoolwork, but for many there is no lunch to look forward to either. In partnership with the Malagasy NGO ‘SAF/FJKM’ we are helping schools to set up their own kitchen gardens. Now primary school students are learning more both inside and outside of the classroom. Instead of going hungry the kids get to pick themselves a healthy lunch.

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It ran from 2:20 PM, 9 November 2008 to 2:05 PM, 22 November 2008

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We are working towards the Millennuim Development Goals of ‘universal primary education’ and ‘the eradication of poverty and hunger’. According to UNESCO only 58% of Malagasy children complete their primary school education and only 12% attend secondary school. According to the World Bank, 33% of rural Malagasy children under 5 years old are malnourished. We believe that happy, healthy, well-fed children are more likely to attend school and gain qualifications. By sponsoring one hundred school kitchen gardens you can help keep 25,000 children healthy and educated. The cost of tools, seeds and training for 100 school kitchen gardens is just £5000.