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Akany Avoko Children’s Home

Akany Avoko is home to over 120 abandoned, orphaned, abused, impoverished or troubled children aged between 6 months and 21 years in old. Akany Avoko provides food, shelter, medical care, education, counselling and love to children placed by Malagasy Social Services. We help every child in our care to achieve his or her potential academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Given the range of backgrounds and ages of the children entrusted to us, we have a wide range of activities on offer so there is something to suit every child. We are committed to helping our children for the long-term. Some of our children pursue an academic path, even as far as obtaining university degrees. Other children are more suited to vocational training. Ultimately we help these students to find a job or set up their own business. We have a self-build scheme to help our graduates build their own home. Akany Avoko is a community where every child is made to feel cherished and important.

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Poverty Alleviation/ReliefPoverty Alleviation/Relief


  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Akany Avoko is a Malagasy Charity sponsored by Money for Madagascar. The care of the children at Akany Avoko relies entirely upon the goodwill of international donors. The latest dream of Akany Avoko is to build a new, more efficient and hygienic kitchen for the child-care centre, where the babies and small children live. Currently 200 meals are prepared daily on 2 wood stoves that were designed to cater for less than 30 children and staff. The child-care centre now serves 50 children and 20 staff. An improved kitchen would enable us to improve hygiene standards and help us to keep the children healthy and well fed. We have just drawn up plans and are awaiting an exact quote. But the kitchen is expected to cost about £1000. With the weakening of the UK pound we are struggling to meet all the children’s needs. Any donations towards the general costs of caring for these 120 children would also be much appreciated. NB. Donations of £5 or more made from the 1st of December 08 will be doubled by Big Give.