Money for Madagascar

Re-build 4 schools and Re-build 400 families' lives

400 children are currently condemned to ignorance in the Fandriana District of Madagascar for want of a safe educational environment. The 3 primary schools and 1 secondary school are in a dangerous state of repair. The few classrooms that still have roofs are overflowing with dedicated students. Parents and teachers are ready to give labour and materials if we can fund the renovation of their schools. Just £5000 would renovate 1 school. £20,000 would renovate all 4 schools and thus provide a safe and healthy learning environment for 1000s of students for generations to come.

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The building plans are ready, Government Officials have approved the project, the teachers and parents are raring to help build and the kids are desperate to start learning. The best time to build is in the dry season (May-September). Just imagine if 1050 kids could start a school in new classrooms in September! To show their commitment parents and local officials are offering to cover 10% of the building costs through donations of materials, labour and cash. Most of these donors earn less than £1 a day, so this amazing contribution deserves to be matched by our support.