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Counselling Support as a First Resort not a Last Resort. We want to be able to develop a strong and reliable counselling service with minimal waiting times, in order to allow children and young people in our town and its surrounding rural area to access vital support when they need it.

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Many of the young people in Tiverton are leading severely disaffected lives. Sadly these young people are trying to cope with symptoms such as: anxiety, stress, self-harm and depression, caused by loss & separation, abuse; (sexual, physical and/or neglect). Many are in long-term foster care, or care for parents who are chronically ill, disabled, or who misuse alcohol or other substances.


We wish to continue to build our counselling service in Tiverton, and provide emotional support for more of the children and young people who are trying to survive extremely difficult and chaotic lives. A particular strength of the service is that it has become well-known and the young people have come to rely on it, often referring friends and siblings.