Ambitious about Autism

Christmas Appeal 2010

TreeHouse is launching a nationwide Christmas Appeal to raise the £40,000 needed every week to deliver vital services designed to help children with autism.We want more children with autism to have access to an education that will support them to feel included in every aspect of school and home life

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The things that many of us enjoy at this time of year- Christmas lights, a break from our daily routine, busy crowds and the element of surprise - can make life even more difficult for children with autism and place extreme stress and strain on their families. For families affected by autism, the festive season brings with it new challenges to a daily life that is often already difficult and complex. One parent even told us they would be “quite happy to scrap Christmas” altogether. Every day,


We run a programme of activities and learning for children with autism through our national centre based in North London. Our services include; a national online community forum; a training programme ; TreeHouse School; raising awareness of autism; campaigning for better access to education and a parent participation project. We need to raise £2m a year, the equivalent of £40,000 per week, every week to deliver these vitally important services designed to help children with autism ac