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Engage Young people between the ages of 13-19 in an educative drama production called 'CHOICE'S

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The reason for this project is to have an open discussion on the issues affecting young people by providing a platform by which they can care about themselves, each other and stop anti-social behaviour. We will develop the storyline of the play using real life experiences into a drama script, rehearse over 20 weeks and then perform it for audiences. We will follow each performance with a discussion to find out how the play has affected any of the young audiences and signpost those needing help to appropriate agancies for support. Stage Design-£2,850.00 Costumes -£1,100.00 Props -£900.00 Premises Hire-£2,000.00 (£100x20 weeks) Project Manager-£1000.00(£50x20 weeks) Artistic Director- £2,400.00(£120x20 weeks) Script Development-£1000.00 Volunteer Expenses-£500.00 Admin -£300.00 Publicity(leaflets and adverts)£700.00 TOTAL=£12,500.00