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We currently offer grants of £50 to our network of over 1,500 Young Enigineers Clubs. The interests and circumstances of our clubs varies hugely, and the grant is designed to give clubs the flexibility to spend the money where it is needed. Typically clubs spend the grants on: • Resources and equipment to run sessions • (Partially) funding trips to competition finals and places of interest • Prizes for club competitions and attendance incentives for club members We currently only have a small fund from which to allocate grants and so have to limit the number of grants given each year, as well as capping the grant at £50 - an amount which in many cases is only a small contribution towards the overall costs of running a club. We recognise that many of our clubs receive no financial assistance and that a more generous access fund would alleviate the pressure of fundraising (which in some cases means charging students attendance fees, and therefore excluding some students from joining), so allowing the club leader to concentrate on the actual running of Engineering/STEM activities.