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Increase the number of activities and range of Engineering/STEM activities covered. Upgrade the system to allow more sophisticated searches.

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The Activity Bank provides our club network with a choice of tried and tested engineering activities, giving them access to ready made ideas for club sessions. In the main, they are written by club leaders for club leaders! The majority of the activities not only give information on what to do, but also provide details on the cost of the activity, worksheets, extension ideas, technical explanations and curriculum links. A search engine allows club leaders to specify exactly what type of activity they are looking for and club leaders can also give feedback on activities and suggest variations or extensions for them. The activities allow our 3,000-odd volunteer club leaders to concentrate their efforts on running the actual club sessions without the pressure of continually coming up with fresh ideas from scratch. The Activity Bank is particularly useful for clubs who choose not to enter national competitions for funding or confidence reasons, new clubs, and those catering for younger ages. Contributions to the Activity Bank are made by club leaders and our friends and partners in education/industry. To drive up the number of entries we are seeking to incentivise contributions and cover the costs of editing and managing the increased volume of submissions.