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Improving Women's and Neonatal services throughout the East of England.

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It ran from 9:52 PM, 17 June 2015 to 9:52 PM, 17 June 2015

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Coping with demand - After almost thirty years, demand for maternity care in Cambridge and the surrounding area has outgrown the capacity of the Rosie. Population increases in the area continue to rise resulting in a steady increase in birth rates. The Rosie was originally designed to cope with up to 4,000 births per year, by 2020, this figure is predicted to reach 7,500. It is one of only three 'Level 3' neonatal units in the East of England that can treat sick newborns with complex problems.


By dramatically extending the Rosie we will: Deliver high-quality care appropriate for the projected local needs of women and their families. Cope with population increases and relieve pressure on present maternity and neonatal departments. Ensure all mothers and infants visiting for treatment can receive the care they need, in the comfort of their nearest hospital. Develop a greater understanding of neonatal development, advancing important research programs.