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Recovering from ash die-back

Not all our ash trees are doomed to die from ash dieback. We need to ensure the trees that have natural resilience can be selectively bred to ensure they produce the maximum amount of timber. Only then will people be interested in planting ash trees and the future of this iconic species safeguarded.

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Few people currently want to plant broadleaved trees for timber because they are likely to produce poor quality mature trees and consequently very low economic returns. The resulting spiral of decline in our broadleaved woodlands has major consequences for our environment, our wildlife habitats, economy, future well-being and the very nature of our countryside. Our work could increase timber yield from future trees by up to 40%, making broadleaved trees far more economically attractive.


Once the improvements our work is producing are clear, the nurseries that are members of Future Trees Trust will be able to add a small premium to the cost of improved trees sold bearing the Future Trees Trust logo. This will be passed on to us and within a few years, we hope to be able to support all our other tree-breeding research through payments received from improved trees in this way.