Relationship Violence

Vulnerable young people often experience violence and coercion in their personal and sexual relationships due to a lack of personal support and appropriate role models. From 2011-13 FPA worked with Centrepoint on a project addressing these issues. We hope to build on the success of this project.

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It ran from 11:44 AM, 25 December 2016 to 11:02 PM, 16 March 2017

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Vulnerable and marginalised young people need help to recognise when their personal and sexual relationships are abusive. They can easily get caught in cycles of unhealthy and destructive behaviour. Young people may not recognise what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships. They can become victims or perpetrators of relationship violence, including emotional and physical abuse and control or manipulation. Homeless young people and care leavers are especially vulnerable.


Working directly with small groups of young people who are victims of or at risk of relationship violence, we'll supports them to gain an understanding of what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships. As a result, young people will be empowered to end relationships which are abusive and seek further help and support. Working in partnership with agencies who support homeless or vulnerable young young people, we'll also deliver training in healthy relationships to frontline workers.