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Teens+ (Transitional Education, Extra Needs Support)

TEENS+ is a project which is designed to provide an educational programme for young people with complex additional support needs and communication difficulties, who have outgrown special schools but who cannot benefit immediately from the continuing education available in local colleges. The TEENS+ programme is designed to support their transition from school to adult services.

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TEENS+ is a full-time educational programme, running for 4.5 days a week, Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.45pm and on a Friday 9am to 1pm. The programme comprises an extension of the students’ previous education, with emphasis on the transition to a more independent life in the community. The programme is based at St Anne’s Community Centre, Edinburgh providing an inclusive community environment. It comprises of 4 different elements: Learning: TEENS+ creates an individual learning plan for each student, this enables them to focus on learning the skills and understanding necessary to support the students to become as independent as possible. Communication: This part of the programme is aimed at those who have difficulty in, for example, social communication (a common barrier for those with autism) through to those who have little or no verbal communication. All the students have sessions with the TEENS Speech Therapist, though improving on communication becomes a part of the whole programme, whether in learning, sports or life skills. Lifeskills: Students participate in planning for the week’s food, shopping at a local supermarket, cooking; setting up for lunch and doing dishes; using a washing machine; purchasing; and developing money skills. Sport: Good physical fitness can have a significant impact on an individual’s disability, enabling students not only to move better but also to learn better. The TEENS+ Sports programme focuses on increasing mobility, and developing coordination and confidence.