Lotus Caring Hands (LCH)

Sponsor Educational Support - Books, Uniforms and Food for a very poor child in Vanni, Sri Lanka

This project will support 750 poor girls & boys from the Vanni, North of Sri Lanka. These children will be provided with food, clothing(uniforms), and foot wear etc and basic toiletries for their daily needs. They will also be given educational materials (note books, geometrical box, colour box, tiffin box, etc). This will enable them to continue their education and keep them away from child labour. This project will support: 1. Barathy Vidyalayam, Barathipuram, Kilinochchi 2. Paranthan GTMS, Paranthan

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It ran from 11:27 PM, 4 April 2010 to 11:27 PM, 4 April 2010

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The children from these families are deprived of basic essentials in life as food, clothing, education, etc. as their parents cant afford the same. Lots of students are drop out after civil war, owing to economic hazards. Beneficeries face problems to have educational supplies i.e. food, note books, books, uniform, school bag, umbrella and coaching facilities. They belong to landless, poor marginal and small fermars dependant soley on low yeilding day jobs. The parents or guardians of such children may not have the means to provide necessary facilities for the proper development of such children. So usually these children are deprived of education or start work at very young age. The aspiring students should be given this assistance up to the completion of their course on an annual basis. http://www.lotuscaringhands.org.uk