Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial

Butterfly Conservation Area

To create a 4 acre Butterfly Conservation Area on a previously untouched piece of land, to promote the heritage of the site and the principles of flight.

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It ran from 11:10 AM, 3 August 2015 to 11:10 AM, 3 August 2015

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The Yorkshire Air Museum has a 4 acre site which is earmarked as a Butterfly Conservation area and Nature reserve. The site is a section 106 conservation area and provides an excellent and rare fenland habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The Museum would like to make this area accessible to the public, through the construction of footpaths, hides and pond-dipping platforms and through access features including guides for all sections of society. The project is intended to allow all visitors to see the heritage of the site beyond the Bomber Command Air Base which houses the museum, to encourage interest in Butterflies, Moths and wildlife in general and also to show the principles of flight through the examples of flying insects and birds who live on the site. The project is expected to cost £600,000 in total, including the construction of footpaths around the entire site, the purchase of equipment and of labour to complete the tasks required.