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BasicNeeds has validated and demonstrated that if mentally ill people are provided with access to treatment and the opportunity to earn an income they can live successfully in their own community. In order achieve our aim of reaching over 150,000 mentally ill people by 2013 BasicNeeds will instigate a programme of change to enable current line managed programmes to register as independent national organisations in country of operation and subsequently form an alliance championing BasicNeeds mental health and development model.

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The purpose of this project is to establish independent organisations that have had experience of operating BasicNeeds mental health and development model to enable greater reach (150,000 mentally ill people and people with epilepsy), reduce overhead costs and assure not only financial but operational sustainability. The programme of change will be built upon an assessment of current staff capacity to manage independent national organisations. Directly arising from the capacity assessment a programme of training sessions revolving around financial monitoring, fundraising, communications and leadership will be implemented by the senior management team. Running alongside the capacity building training will be a governance programme reviewing current constitutions which will be amended or rewritten for independent registration. Once Board members are identified, the Founding Director, Chris Underhill will conduct a board development programme. The project end goals are: To deliver the BasicNeeds Mental Health and Development model through an alliance of independent organisations so as to reach 150,000 mentally ill people or people with epilepsy. To influence key decision makers to scale up services for mental health and development using evidence generated through the operation of the BasicNeeds model. To support people with mental illness or epilepsy to advocate for their own rights. To transform financial sustainability so that income can be derived from donors within countries we serve and beyond. Capacity Assessment £5,000 Training Programme £29,000 Governance/Registration £9,780 Board Development £6,220 Total £50,000