Minority Rights Group International (MRG)

Supporting Mauritanian CSOs & Hratine women

This project aims to make Hratine women more visible within their own community, the Mauritanian society as a whole, and internationally and to increase the effective participation of Hratine women and Hratine focused CSOs in local, regional and national decision-making processes.

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Hratines in Mauritania are systematically deprived of their respect, dignity, and rights and oppressed by an historic system of slavery. Female Hratines face double discrimination both as members of the ‘slave caste’ and because they are women. HW and CSOs lack the knowledge,skills and capacity necessary to create a greater awareness of their plight and advocate for the government’s respect of international instruments on gender and human rights to which it is signatory.


The project will strengthen the voice of Hratine women and the capacities of the CSOs representing them so they are more capable of effectively advocating on behalf of their community. This initiative is also designed to challenge the discrimination faced by minority women as well as the higher levels of poverty they confront. It will also promote minority and indigenous participation.