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Sri Lankan CSOs capacity-building project

The proposed initiative aims to ensure that minority issues are effectively addressed in post-war Sri Lanka, by uniquely strengthening the capacities of organizations and activists representing these communities so that they can effectively represent their communities and defend their rights.

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It ran from 11:37 AM, 29 March 2012 to 11:37 AM, 29 March 2012

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Ethnic and religious minority communities in Sri Lanka, who have disproportionately suffered from the 30-year war, are still suffering from human rights abuses and face being marginalized even more from all on-going peace-building processes. NGO’s working on human rights, have been attacked, arrested and threatened. Organizations directly representing minority communities have during the conflict and its aftermath faced increased challenges to implement their much needed work.


The current programme aims to strengthen the impact of Sri Lankan NGOs/CBOs in combating discrimination and violation of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and in promoting dialogue among all groups.The project will tackle the discrimination experienced by marginalized communities, particularly the Tamil, and contribute to the peaceful conciliation of minorities’ interests.