Minority Rights Group International (MRG)

Empowering Minority and Indigenous Women

Support minority and indigenous women and the organisations representing them to get their voices heard and gain the relevant skills and knowledge in the areas they need most. This work also challenges discrimination faced by minorities and indigenous women as well as the higher poverty they face.

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Continuing our targeted gender work with Batwa women in the Great Lakes region of Africa and Dalit women in India and Nepal, MRG seeks to support our partners as they confront discrimination against minority and indigenous women, both on account of their gender and as members of minority or indigenous communities. In particular, our work addresses issues of minority women's political and social exclusion and economic dependence.


Building upon initial advocacy and research, Batwa partners have now decided to work in conjunction with development stakeholders in order to focus on sustainable development and economic empowerment. Dalit partners have decided to focus on improving access to justice and have designed a strategy to increase Dalit women’s leadership within the legal framework.