Catholic Children's Society (Plymouth)


The aim of PATCHWORK, the Society’s parenting programme, is to promote and develop groups for parents in the diocese which: - support parents and families in bringing up their children; - recognise the considerable abilities that parents have in developing their gifts and those of their children; - help parents develop further understanding of their own abilities; - recognise and integrate the gifts that children and their families bring to parish and school communities.

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Its objectives are: - to encourage and develop improved relationships and respect for individual family members through the establishment of support groups within the parishes and/or schools of the Plymouth diocese; - to provide funding and materials to enable these support groups to function effectively. The outcomes of PATCHWORK are: - a loving family with firm but not over-rigid boundaries where children can experience love and learn to love others; - improved family relations with less conflict and greater mutual respect and understanding; and, - a more stable and secure home environment for raising children.