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Understanding Osteoporosis 2014 Research Programme

Our goal is to better understand the prevalence and impact of osteoporosis in the UK on older people and how to treat it. Through academic and medical research we will learn more about the causes of the disease, the devastating long-term effects of fractures and discover and test treatments to help.

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Osteoporosis causes the inner bone tissue to weaken which makes bones very fragile and susceptible to fracture. The condition is so common that one in two women and one in five men, over 50, will break a bone due to poor bone health. Despite this, research into the causes and effects of the disease is hugely under-resourced, receiving less than a fraction of 1% of the UK's medical research spend. Consequently, we still know relatively little about the causes and prevalence of the disease.


In the last 20 years, we have spent over £3 million on research into causes, effects and treatments of osteoporosis. We annually commit £250,000 to a variety of research projects to help us better understand the condition. Two of the the projects we will be funding this year are: "the effects of postural taping on pain management" and "the epidemiology of osteoporosis in the UK" at a combined cost of £99,002.