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Speakup is passionate about employing people with learning disabilities, who are often discriminated against in the labour market. We employ 6 peoples with learning disability on a salary and a further 21 people for 3.5 hours each week at minimum wage. This allows for continued benefits. People with learning disabilities want to work. To sustain and safeguard the employment we have created, and to increase employment to a minimum of 12 people with learning disabilities on a salary, we need to make sure Speakup has funds to maintain this work in the future. Speakup has created 3 Social Enterprises to help support this idea called ‘The Friendly Information Company,’’ The Friendly Resource Company’ and ‘The Friendly Trading Company,’ we want to develop these enterprises into thriving organisations where people with learning disabilities can work in a supported environment for many years.

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Speakup is run by people with learning disabilities together with their supporters who are qualified people in media, education and business. Speakup started employing people with learning disabilities a few years ago to help make information accessible mainly in the form of broadcast standard DVD's, tool kits and easy read information, for people with learning disabilities and other disadvantaged people. Employment for people with learning disabilities is really important, many people say they want to work but they are not job skilled or, job ready, real jobs are also difficult to get. At Speakup we support people to work on all our projects and skill up for work, in a nurturing environment that allows people to thrive. Speakup is funded through many different funding streams, and we have some excellent ideas for growth through our three social firms. However, to maintain the employment we have already and increase these opportunities we feel that we need a major funding campaign to raise £1 million pounds. This should give us the stability to offer many more people with disabilities work opportunities without the fear of this work becoming short term with all the associated problems of coming off benefits just to end up back in the benefits trap. Speakup is a successful organisation, at a stage where the need for growth continues. We hope that the Big Give will support us with these 'Big Employment Ideas.' Financial year ending March 09 Income £517,546 Expenditure £443,411 Fund balances £153,416