Skills For Southern Sudan

Facilitating the return of the diaspora

During the long civil war many South Sudanese were forced to flee with their families. As a new nation, South Sudan has great potential which can only be realised with the return of its citizens. Skills seeks to offer practical support to those who would return home to fill key roles in South Sudan.

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War destroyed the education system and sent skilled citizens abroad. Without their input key jobs will be filled by foreign workers and South Sudan’s destiny will be outside its own control. This was why SKILLS was formed by the South Sudanese community in the UK in 1994. Some have returned and are playing a significant role in the new country. Others face obstacles which with appropriate support and encouragement could be overcome.


Building on past experience helping South Sudanese develop skills in preparation for return, SKILLS plans a new programme. In cooperation with the diaspora and embassy it will help those interested in returning to promote South Sudan’s development. This will involve developing a register of individual skills, consultation with the community in different UK cities, and developing links with potential employers in government, NGO, and private sector in South Sudan.