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Crosslight Debt & Money Advice

Crosslight helps people struggling with problem debt to become financially free by providing professional, free of charge debt counselling and mentoring. We also run a Money Management course giving access to basic financial management skills.

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Problem debt has taken root in society - the need for debt advice has never been greater. Every day 231 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt and 58 properties are repossessed (Money Advice Trust). Problem debt impairs families and mental health. 58% of children in families with problem debt worry about their family’s financial situation and 47% say it causes family arguments (Children’s Charity). Suicide is considered by 50% of adults struggling with debt (Royal College of Psychiatrists).


Crosslight is a free debt and money advice service operating out of branches in Hammersmith, South Kensington and Twickenham. Working with 50 highly-trained volunteers, Crosslight provides a full range of debt advice - from negotiating reduced repayments through to insolvency and beyond - to anyone who needs it, for as long as help is needed. Fully licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of Advice UK, Crosslight also offers a free basic budgeting course 3 times a year.