East Anglian Air Ambulance

Patient Monitors for Preservation of Life

There is one key piece of equipment which East Anglian Air Ambulance could not do without, used on a daily basis and across the board in terms of the incident types we attend. These are multi-functional monitors which must be purchased to uphold standards of treatment.

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Since the Charity’s inception in 2000 we have attended over 20,000 missions in the service of local people. Demand for our service is increasing with mission numbers having risen by 29% since 2015. Having up to date and effective medical equipment with which to treat our patients is essential. Patients involved in trauma and the other types of medical emergency we attend are typically in a critical condition and need to be observed closely throughout treatment.


Multi-purpose monitors must be routinely used with every patient attended by EAAA. The purchase of these devices will allow us to assess our patients’ vital signs which we would otherwise be unable to do, resulting in an increased rate of mortality. Such monitors have built-in defibrillators and can provide monitoring of blood pressure and oxygen levels, with a facility for electrocardiogram. The purchase of this device will allow us to continue to treat patients effectively.