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Wild Penwith - Reconnecting West Cornwall's Living Landscape for wildlife and people

Wild Penwith is a Living Landscape project focusing on the Penwith peninsula, the south-western most tip of Cornwall. The aim of Wild Penwith is to work with local farmers, landowners, businesses and communities to restore and reconnect a coast to coast Living Landscape across this working agricultural landscape.

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It ran from 7:00 PM, 11 February 2009 to 3:00 PM, 25 August 2009


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Why does the Wild Penwith project need to happen? 1. The Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) Scheme which offers incentives for farmers to adopt agricultural practices that safeguard and enhance land of particularly high landscape, wildlife or historic value, will be coming to an end in 2012. There has been a high level of participation in the ESA scheme in Penwith, so the closure of this scheme will leave vulnerable habitats unprotected and landowners with reduced financial support to maintain such areas. There are no designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in the area so land will not be protected through this mechanism. 2. Valuable wildlife areas have become fragmented, restricting the ability of wildlife to move around the countryside to help it adapt to changes such as climate change. 3. There are problems with diffuse agricultural pollution affecting Drift reservoir, which supplies drinking water for Newlyn and Penzance. 4. West Penwith is a fantastic location for wildlife tourism that should be promoted to benefit local farm businesses. What will the Wild Penwith project achieve? 1. An improved network of wetland and heathland habitats, within the working agricultural landscape. 2. Good water quality across three river catchments, including Drift Reservoir. 3. Benefits for farm businesses due to: participation in agri-environment schemes, lower costs as a result of reduced farm inputs and increased opportunities for wildlife tourism. 4. A Living Landscape of interconnected wildlife-rich areas, helping both the wildlife and the people of the Penwith peninsula to prosper. Funding: The total cost of the project is £500,000. We have been awarded £150,000 from the Tubney Charitable Trust and £129,000 from Defra's Countdown 2010 fund. We need to raise further funds, so any help you can give would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!