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Upgrade of IT Equipment To Continue Our Efficient Services

We currently have four PC workstations which are over 5 years old and in urgent need of upgrade. We are looking for funding to replace these computers to improve efficiency of our systems and the unique services that we deliver.

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With the number of cochlear implant recipients increasing, the need for our services to reach a wider audience is greater than ever before. Two years ago we invested in upgrading our database system to facilitate a rapidly expanding national and international education programme, eg: conferences, training/development of local professionals working with children with cochlear implants, research, information days/weekends for families, Summer Schools for cochlear implant users and live webcasts. The necessitated increase in staff to deliver our education programme, has meant the purchase of extra IT equipment and our general administration PC replacement plan has regretfully fallen behind. Our new database system has proved to be an invaluable resource and allows all contacts to be registered and grouped as relevant. The prompt dissemination of information via email merge saves on time, stationery and postage and allows us to alert interested parties of impending webcasts or other events; our old database could not have managed this volume or diversity of events. Invoicing, donations and gift aid are also easily managed and this links in to SAGE cutting out duplication. Efficient and quicker new PCs would increase our effectiveness and improve staff morale whilst alleviating the worry of unplanned downtime due to breakdown of old pressured equipment. Costings: £434.70 each (incl VAT) x4 = £1,738.80