UNIAID Student Finance Masterclasses

Students from low income backgrounds face many perceptual barriers on the route to higher education, particularly around the issue of finance and fear of debt. The UNIAID Student Finance Masterclasses allay these fears through the delivery of interactive activities which explore the financial funding and support available to these students and help students learn how to cope with the financial challenges of being a student. There are three main objectives of the Student Finance Masterclasses: • To introduce the topic of money management in a fun and engaging way. • To provide useful information to the students which helps them prepare for their financial lives at university. • To add value to outreach activites by providing good facilitation, using UNIAID’s innovative tools and resources.

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The landscape of Higher Education funding has changed beyond recognition: fees of £3070 per year, increased borrowing, deferred payment of fees, a confusing array of support packages. The resulting rising graduate debt deters many from progressing into Higher Education, particularly those from lower income backgrounds. There is a need for effective student finance, information, advice and guidance. There is specific need for these workshops because: 1. Finance is cited as the biggest deterrent for students considering continuing onto to HE, with 63% of students citing it as a deterring factor. 2. Students from low income backgrounds are more at risk of falling into financial hardship whilst studying in higher education. 3. Research indicates advisers lack understanding, confidence and resource to deliver information on student finance. (93% feel unequipped to deliver financial education to students) In 2009 UNIAID and Future Foundations would like to deliver 30 sessions reaching over 1,500 students from targeted disadvantaged backgrounds. After each session data will be compiled evaluating the success of the workshop in meeting the above objectives. Benefits: Social Impact: • More students’ fears of debt are allayed by the provision of no-nonsense student finance information, advice and guidance. • Students are better prepared and equipped when they reach higher education, improving retention rates and their ability to proposer whilst studying. • Advisers learn new techniques, through observation, to enable them to feel confident in delivering future finance sessions. Measurable: • The programme is discreet and impact can be measured. • UNIAID can evaluate the success of the programme via qualitative and quantitative evaluation Unique: • Currently no major supporter funds this work. UNIAID would be delighted to offer a funder the opportunity to show leadership in this area and build its presence supporting financial education in young people The cost of this project is £46,152 fully funded. This includes: • Creative; design of workshops to integrate key messages and development of materials • Workshop Delivery • Project costs; including project management and administration • Evaluation and reporting