Neuroblastoma UK

Searching across Europe for a childhood cancer cure

A search for better treatments for neuroblastoma, the most deadly of childhood cancers, by supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing across Europe and beyond.

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It ran from 9:02 AM, 28 June 2013 to 9:02 AM, 28 June 2013


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To quote the doctors and scientists who need this service: "It's not sexy". But it's a vital part of the research needed to find better treatments for this most lethal of childhood cancers. The experts also say there's more potential benefit for every pound spent than in just about any other area of neuroblastoma research. They need someone who can see beyond individual hospitals and stories about wonder drugs to the real work of scientific research. For the past few years, specialist doctors, scientists and information specialists across Europe have collaborated in research and clinical trials. Information from hospitals and laboratories is entered in a sophisticated computer system. The extensive participation has resulted in a uniquely rich information resource which now underpins much of the research into neuroblastoma and provides the evidence base for decisions about treatment. There is a "but" ... the strength of the service is its weakness when it comes to funding - it is hard to find supporters who can look outside their own national boundaries and see the potential value of such collaborative work. Development and operation of the service has been funded by a European Union grant which has now run out and there is a real risk of closure. Funding is needed both to maintain the service (c. £36,000 pa) and to enable it to support 4 new trials (each up to c. £25,000). For £150,000 the service would be secured and developed for 2 years - and more money would bring more security.